The Grounds


1 Timeline and Sundial 10 Oak Allee
2 Beech Allee 11 Carriage Shed
3 Saltire Pavilion 12 Lytle Cottage & Museum Shop
4 Fountain 13 Corn Crib
5 To Watson Cottage 14 Cistern
6 Muscadine Arbor & Fruit Orchard 15 Barn & Tack Building
7 Peacock Run 16 Chicken Coop
8 School House 17 Dovecote
9 Smokehouse 18 Automobile Barn

Gardens at Hickory Hill

The secluded woodlands of Hickory Hill surrounded Tom Watson with a solace and dignity he found elusive in the political arena. Many of the grand trees that surround you at Hickory Hill were planted under Tom Watson’s direction. Invoices from Augusta’s Fruitland Nurseries (now the Augusta National Golf Club) list dogwoods, maples, deodar cedars, banana shrubs, and 100 magnolias. Nearly 270 acres comprise the modern Hickory Hill estate. The arboretum may be enjoyed via paths that weave through Watson’s beech and oak allées, his orchard and the estate’s numerous support buildings.

Gentle Reminders

• Bikes and pets are not permitted beyond the parking area at Hickory Hill. Please clean up after your pet.
• Food and beverages are permitted on the grounds only. Trash receptacles are located on the grounds.
• Professional photography is not permitted at Hickory Hill. Appointments may be made to utilize the nearby Monroe Kimbrel Gardens.
• Hickory Hill is a natural habitat for amphibians, reptiles, song birds, raptors, and small mammals. Please keep a safe distance, do not feed the wildlife, and never attempt to remove any animal from the grounds.

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